Box2D v0.8 Update

In this update I added many improvements to hopefuly bring Godot Box2D to parity with Godot Physics 2D, which is the Godot default Physics Engine for 2D.

You can read more about the v0.8 release here

Adding Angle Limit and Motor to PinJoint2D

One change I am really happy about is making the Godot PinJoint2D API follow more closely the Box2D Revolute Joint API.

Up until now, the PinJoint2D didn’t have angle limits or motor. So I decided to change that with PR#81610. (The implementation is based of Chipmunk physics engine).

Then, I also added it to the Godot Extension that replaces the default 2D Physics Engine. Pfew.

Here it is with Godot Physics 2D:

And here it is with Godot Box2D:

Other Fixes

  • SegmentShape2D crash
  • ShapeCast not working
  • CharacterBody2D margin, collision detection and conveyer belt for static bodies.