Godot Box2D Tutorial

You can find Godot Box2D on GitHub or Godot Asset Library.

How to install the Box2D plugin

To install the SoftBody2D plugin in Godot Editor:

  1. Open the AssetLib tab.
  2. Search for SoftBody2D and click on the plugin.
  3. Click Download and then Install.
  4. Restart when prompted.

To enable the plugin:

  1. Go to Project -> Project Settings -> General tab.
  2. Go to Physics -> 2D. Enable Advance Settings.
  3. At Physics Engine select Box2D.
  4. Restart when prompted.

How to stress test the Box2D plugin

Download the Godot Physics Tests repo.

Go to the tests/performance/collisions/tests/2d/avg_fps_before_low_fps.gd test. Run the scene by clicking Run Current Scene.

Download the Box2D plugin and enable it as described above.

Run the scene again. Compare the two runs by seeing maximum shapes supported and simulation stability.