Polyglot Pirates - Co-op Language Learning Game

Polyglot (person who knows several languages) is a mobile and web language learning game about a pirate who wants to master all the languages. Match words to have the player move or attack in the game. The game also supports multiplayer co-op mode.

Select Language

Pick a language you know and one you want to learn. All the words are taken from wiktionary.org and processed using kaikki.org version.

Select Learner

Learning is a personal thing, so you have to trust your polyglot pirate. Pick one you relate with:

  • Captain: The organized learner. Learns until he masters a language.
  • Clowny: The crazy learner, starts multiple languages at once.
  • Baldy: The learner who likes to talk even if he doesn’t know. Learns by practice.
  • Brute: Spends time to memorize words before even trying to speak.

All the assets used are made by PixelFrog.

Lobby - Multiplayer Join

If you want to play with other people, the lobby is the part to do it. Here you can also select what stage you want to play:

1. Treasure Hunt

The polyglot pirates have to catch the thieves who stole their treasure. Match words in order to gain speed and attack with the canon.

Do any mistake or be slow and the bomb will explode:

Gameplay - Navigator

Steer the ship from obstacles and make it go fast in order to catch the thieves: