SoftBody2D Tutorial

You can find Godot SoftBody2D on GitHub or Godot Asset Library.

How to install the SoftBody2D plugin

To install the SoftBody2D plugin in Godot Editor:

  1. Open the AssetLib tab.
  2. Search for SoftBody2D and click on the plugin.
  3. Click Download and then Install.

To enable the plugin:

  1. Go to Project -> Project Settings -> Plugins in the Godot Editor.
  2. Enable the SoftBody2D plugin.

How to create a SoftBody2D

To create a SoftBody2D:

  1. Create a new 2D scene.
  2. Add a new SoftBody2D node to the scene.
  3. Select the node and go to the Inspector tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Polygon2D category and open the Texture subcategory.
  5. Assign a texture to the SoftBody2D node.
  6. The SoftBody2D should now be created and visible in the scene.