chef capybara story

Chef Capybara


The main scene is a minimalistic Japanese style kitchen.


Capybara is a chef that wants to have a 2-star Michelin restaurant, and to accomplish that he wants to bring more clients every day to try his recipes and give feedback on them.


  1. Cat
  2. Mouse
  3. Rabbit
  4. Hedgehog
  5. Fox
  6. Dog
  7. Capybara


The cat is the most difficult to satisfy, maybe it doesn’t have witty lines but what she says sounds more like complaints:

This tastes worse than garbage

or something along the lines of it. She is never happy with anything and doesn’t appreciate the effort it takes to make things. She is the laziest but she is proud of how well she preserves her energy. That also makes her the best critic because her high demands help everyone want to become better at things. But that also makes her dangerous for the mental health of others.

Maybe a narrator voice for these lines would be nice, if possible.


The mouse would make squeaky sounds and move his moustache a lot. It would say things like

Do I smell cheese?


Is it cheesy of me?

It’s the least problematic character aside from the capybara. They are both peaceful, calm and easy going because they are both rodents. The mouse is not intimidated by the size of the capybara, he is chill like that and super confident. All animals sort of get along but the mouse and the capybara, they are the best friends. The mouse is also the hardest working animal. Because he is small and fast he always looks for food and takes it to its place and stores it so he can always have some. Of course, he is also a bit of a thief, but aren’t all animals?


The rabbit is constantly hungry and wants to try any food he can get. He also is impatient and destroys crops because of this. The other animals are always weary of him and secretly consider him an enemy, they all keep this attitude a secret from each other. The rabbit’s excuse for constantly wanting food is he has a big family to support. His line is:

Hey, gotta put food on the table!


The hedgehog is the cutest little animal. He is very shy but very wise. He always hides and shows his spikes because he is scared of the other animals. He will never harm any of the other animals, he is just not confident in its strengths. His line is:

Be careful so you don’t step on me


The fox cares very little about the other animals, but will appear as the most charming. Her line is:

Well, well, what have we got in here

always said with curiosity and a big grin. Being the most charming it also has very good social skills and is friends with everyone, never hesitates to pay visits to all animals without announcing beforehand.


The dog is of course the most adorable animal and the most wholesome. He always cares about others and is ready to play or eat something if available. His line is:

Let’s do it!

Let’s go!

He is full of energy and jumps around whenever he sees an opportunity to have fun. Everything is fun to him. When he orders food he always thinks it takes too much for it to arrive to his table, but he doesn’t mean to criticise anyone, he just has a very distorted notion of time. It all has to happen right away or he will think something is wrong.


The capybara is the oldest and wisest of all animals. He takes care of everyone’s needs, and food is a very important one. This is why he came up with this idea of a restaurant, because he knows, as a wild animal himself, how hard it is to get by and get food. Preparing it to taste nice is an extra effort and he is willing to pay attention to everyone’s feedback so that he can constantly improve the recipes for his clients. His goal is to get 2 Michelin stars, and he knows the difficulty of it. Not only does it involve cooking, but also how well he takes care of the other animals as his clients. They want them to all feel at home and enjoy a delicious meal while letting go of all their problems. They are all a family there, functioning in perfect harmony.


The game starts with the kitchen scene. You are welcomed (maybe a soothing narrating voice would be a big plus for this) and told that you are here to learn to cook so good that everyone that tastes your food will be in heaven. How nice it is to be with friends and make them feel good, isn’t it? Ahhh. Food is one of the best things. It’s important to make other people feel good, they will never forget that and pass it along. Be nice and kind to each other. While enjoying a meal you can also connect with your friends. How beautiful is that! Well, you can start by deciding what to cook first. Don’t worry, start with the simplest things and be patient. The best chefs have many years of experience, they weren’t born brilliant chefs. You can boil an egg. Just grab one from the pantry. Try it. There you go. Well done, the first step is accomplished! Now you can grab a pan. Pick a suitable size for one egg. Fill it with water and set it to boil. Once it starts boiling, carefully place the egg in it. There. Leave it for approximately 5-10 minutes, depending on how hard you want it to be. What do you want to do in the meantime? Want to listen to a wholesome song? Try some self-loving meditation? Or maybe sing to the boiling egg, it’s scientifically proven it will taste better this way. No, of course that’s not true, silly. Well, you can choose from these options. Congrats, you boiled an egg. You are one step closer to becoming a great chef!